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Welcome to your vitality !
This is exactly where I want to invite you with this site:
into life !

Into the vitality of your body, in your agility and creativity.
Into your joyful, powerful actions.
Into your clear mind.
Into the peace of your soul.

With LifeMoves you come into motion and into life – because movement is life. Once you move, you feel refreshed and more alive. Life Moves provides impetus for movements that free the flow of vital energy through the body. LifeMoves makes you consciously perceive your body and gives you room to just be amazed by its ingenious architecture. LifeMoves inspires your creativity and it also invites you to be very still and just listen to your quiet voice „intuition“.

In LifeFoods you find „recipes“ for living nourishments. As „LifeFoods“ I name everything that nourishes body, mind and soul. Of course, this is especially true for healthy food, and therefore you find here many recipes and information on this topic. At the same time I also feel that breathing, beauty, touch, laugh, sounds, clarity, calmness and much more are Life Foods.

In LifePeople you will witness the unfolding of a series of interviews that want to touch and inspire you. In this space, I will invite the spiritual teacher Chamelie Ardagh, the Vegan top author Attila Hildmann and the Utopian Claudia Langer. Here I would like to speak with Georg Kaiser, CEO of BioCompany, with the somatic body therapist Susanne Kukies and many others. LifePeople is like travelling without packing your bags: you will have interesting encounters, get new amazing perspectives, lots of inspirations and you will return home a little richer and more mature.

I am pleased with your comments and any suggestion or comments on these topics.
Write me, please!

Greetings from my heart,
Anja Louisa